CHRISTOPHER FLECHTNER INC is a creative studio and consultancy with  diverse experience in design, craft, interiors, architecture and graphics.  

Creation for us is a collaborative process and together we approach complex issues from a unique perspective to deliver a design, product or space that embodies soul.  With the ability to work at many scales, from intimate hand crafted production by local artisans to scaled manufacturing around the world, we pride ourselves on items destined to become heirlooms, not landfill.  A deep understanding of materials & manufacturing processes balanced with a passion for inventive problem solving allows us to forge a harmony between the two and create a truly inspired, honest solution.  

Our actions matter.  Making a positive impact on our world drives us to not only create more thoughtful design but to build a better future for us all.  At CHRISTOPHER FLECHTNER INC we strive to fully understand the impact of our choices.  From material selection to finishing processes and finally to production techniques and end of life cycle processing, these decisions dictate the health of the planet we all share and are never discounted or taken lightly.

Let’s start collaborating